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How to Start an HVAC Business?

How to Become a Dependable HVAC Contractor?

If you are a concentrated person with great attention to detail, maybe becoming an HVAC technician will seem the right profession for you. Being a respectful HVAC contractor has many advantages. The opportunity to help people and offer high-quality AC repair service can be very rewarded. Here are a few steps you should take to start your own business:

  • Get educated. This means you should take several training courses, pass exams, and participate in training programs. Constantly stay updated and learn new things from the Internet or read books and specialized magazines. Your main goal should be to gain comprehensive knowledge of how an air conditioning unit operates in general, what are its spare parts, as well as how to repair and replace them. If possible, you may also establish good relationships with reputable companies in your area and work with them for a while until you become skilled enough to accept your own customers.

  • Get licenses and other permits. Check what documents will be required to start a legal business with your local Courthouse. Licenses, insurance, and certificates are extremely important.

  • Crate a business plan. Like any other business, air conditioning one requires a solid plan as well. It should contain a blueprint of all successful strategies you intend to implement in order to become a trustworthy contractor. Some of them are setting a working time suitable for yourself and your clients, the money you will charge for your services, the markets to obtain most quality products and materials, whether you will offer any specials, what your profit would be, etc.

  • Purchase the relevant tools and equipment. Along with all the necessary hand tools that will help you fix AC units, you will need an effective vehicle to move them around too.

  • Get your company promoted. Figure out different ways to become popular. Create a helpful and easy-to-use website to offer your services and gain clients online, make advertisements in the local newspapers and magazines, use radio and TV channels, etc.

When it comes to offering quick and impeccable AC repair services, Marv Aire Services makes no compromises. Count on the reliable HVAC contractor in Atlanta GA to serve you with competence and responsibility. Call us today.

Five Qualities That Every HVAC Repair Company Should Possess

How to Distinguish a Reliable HVAC repair expert from the Amateurs

In our first blog article, we decided to list some of the most important qualities that every professional HVAC contractor should possess. So, if you wish to use the services of a company that will perform a lasting repair, make sure to always search for those five factors.

1. Experience
If an HVAC contractor possesses only a couple of months of experience in this industry, it is very likely that he doesn’t have the necessary skills to perform a proper service. What is more, by hiring a company that has more than 10 years of experience, it is guaranteed that their main goal will be to please you.

2. Rates
Every HVAC contractor in Atlanta GA that cares for the needs of the customers will provide them with a reasonably priced service. Furthermore, the reputable companies also offer various specials. For example, at Marv Aire Services, we currently give a $55 discount for winter check.

3. Affiliations
When you are looking for a premier company, always look for certain affiliations like membership in the local Chamber of Commerce or in the Better Business Bureau. These are the surest signs that a HVAC repair technician is reliable.

4. Determination to help
Contrary to popular belief, this is very important. The easiest way to know whether the company is trustworthy is to ask them where they provide their services. If they are eager to help residents of all surrounding areas, you can rely on them!

5. Work time
A professional company will do everything possible in order to please its customers. This includes providing services not only from Monday to Friday but also during the weekends. Therefore, whenever you need such company, always look what their working time is.

History of the Air Conditioner

Presented by a Reputable Air Conditioning Repair Expert

An air conditioner can bring comforting coolness in the sweltering hot summer days. It hasn’t always been so, however. The reputable air conditioning repair company Marv Aire Services has prepared for you a short history lesson that will show you how air conditioning evolved throughout the years.

1758 Liquid Evaportation
Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley made an experiment which showed that the evaporation of some liquids could reduce the temperature of an object to that of below water’s freezing point.

1830 Ice Making Machine
This machine was manufactured by Dr John Gorrie and compressed ice into buckets. He used the blower of the machine to force air over the ice, thus cooling the temperature of the room

1902 The Modern Day AC
Invented by Willis H. Carrier, the modern day air conditione could effectively control the temperature and humidity of an area

1914: The First AC Installation
Charles G. Gates installed the first domestic AC in his mansion in Minneapolis. In 1917, the first air conditioner was installed in a cinema.

1931 Window AC
This was the year when the first individual AC designed to rest on a window ledge or sill was introduced by H.H. Schultz and J.Q. Sherman.

1939: Air Conditioned Cars
The first automobile that had an AC was released by the Packard Motor Company. It was an additional feature that didn’t have internal controls.

1970 Central Air
In this year were developed the central air cooling systems that consisted of coils, condensers, and fans. They were designed to draw the air over the coils and blast the cool air through the home’s ventilation system afterward. These systems used Freon 12 to operate.

1994 Freon is Banned
Because of its harmful effects, Freon is banned by the Environmental Protection Agency, which requires that a more environmentally friendly chemical be used unstead.

We will be happy to provide you with more information about air conditioners as well as with affordable air conditioning repair. You can reach our Atlanta GA company at (404) 766-0231.

Cleaning the Air Conditioner’s Coils for Spring

How to Maintain Your System and Avoid Air Conditioning Repairs

Early spring is the perfect time to maintain an air conditioner. By now, it should be clogged with all sorts of junk from the excessive use during the cold season. There are several procedures you should perform if you want your AC unit to run as smoothly as before. One of those procedures is cleaning the coils from obstructions. Here is what you need to do if you want to avoid serious air conditioning repairs:

  1. You should start by disconnecting the power to the air conditioner. Some units have a shutoff box for easier access. If your model does not have one, you may need to look for other switches. If you can’t find any, simply pull the plug, and disconnect it from the power grid.
  2. If the exterior unit of your air conditioning system is covered by debris, you’re going to need to clean it. Trim away any plants that may be growing around your AC, and don’t let anything get inside the unit. Make sure all sorts of foliage are far enough from the unit at all times. Trees and branches can damage the machine too, so make sure any potentially dangerous branches are properly trimmed.
  3. Remove the protective outer case of the air conditioner. You may need to remove the top as well. This depends on the model of air conditioner.
  4. When you reach the coils and the fan, you will need to clean and maintain it. Use a rag, a broom, a brush, or a vacuum cleaner with a special extension to clean the dirt off the coils, the motor, and the shaft. If the motor needs to be lubricated, then make sure you apply the necessary amount of oil to each of its lubrication ports. This should help prevent future problems and save you a couple of air conditioning repairs.
  5. Once you’re done with the large scale cleaning, it’s time to take care of the details. You need to spray-clean all dirt and grime from the coils. Use a solution of warm water and biodegradable cleaning agent to dissolve the dirt.

If that sounds like too much work for you, then we can lend you a hand. Marv Aire Services performs quality air conditioning repairs for the community in Atlanta GA, so call us at (404) 766-0231!

What Can I Fix on My Own, and What Should I Leave to a Professional?

When Should I Call an Air Conditioning Repair Service?

If you’ve had an air conditioner long enough, then you are probably well familiar with the maintenance it requires to function properly. There are some things that you can fix and maintain on your own. Of course, there are things that require the attention of a certified air conditioning repair service. This article should help you make the difference between the two types of malfunctions and save a lot of money on repairs.

1. The first case in which you may need the assistance of an air conditioning repair service is when the wiring starts to give defects. It’s a common problem which requires some experience in dealing with wiring and electricity. We don’t recommend you trying to fix your own wiring because it’s dangerous. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, then you should definitely leave it to a professional.

2. If your unit is not cooling your home properly, then this may not be a simple case of delayed maintenance checks but a serious malfunction. This is the most common sign that something is wrong and needs attention. It could be caused by many things. For example, the refrigerant liquid level could have dropped due to a leak.

3. Another problem that may decrease your unit’s efficiency is a problem with the cooling fan outside. It’s responsible for transferring the heat from your home outside. If it overheats, it is likely for the compressor to trip the breakers causing it to stop working. This automatic precautionary measure is designed to help preserve the compressor, so even if it overheats there is still a chance it can be fixed.

4. Your outside unit is exposed to various weather conditions, and unless you keep it safe, it will deteriorate and start to malfunction. It’s a matter of maintenance, but if you fail to keep it safe, it will require a visit from an air conditioning repair service.

5. Last, but not least, the outside coil could simply freeze and block the air ways and the filter system. Air conditioners are fragile systems, so make sure you leave yours in capable hands.

If you are located anywhere in Atlanta GA, then you shouldn’t have problems with finding a suitable air conditioning repair service. Just give Marv Aire Services a call at: (404) 766-0231!

Common Ac Problems

Avoiding Common Issues Is the Key to Less Frequent Air Conditioning Repairs

Some of the most common AC problems result from inadequate maintenance, poor service procedures, and faulty installation. Air conditioning manufacturers generally make high quality products. The chances that the unit itself will develop any problems during the warranty period are very slim. However, due to lack of maintenance or poor installation, any air conditioner, no matter how good it is, can fail. Here are some of the most common AC problems. Learn how to detect them on time, and you may save a lot of money by avoiding extensive air conditioning repairs.

Refrigerant Leaks
You should constantly keep an eye on your AC’s refrigerant level. If your system is low on refrigerant, either it leaks or it was undercharged at installation. Whatever the case, you must contact a reputable AC specialist and have them check your system. If any leaks are found, they will fix them, recharge the system, and test its efficiency. Remember that the efficiency and performance of your air conditioning is greatest when the refrigerant level exactly matches the manufacturer’s specification.

Electric Control Failure
The fan and compressor controls can wear out, especially when the systems turns on and off frequently, as it’s very common when the AC unit is over or undersized. Since all controllers are connected, when one fails, the rest stop working causing the entire system to malfunction. You should contact an air conditioning repairs specialist as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage to the rest of the components.

Sensor Problems
Most air conditioners feature a thermostat sensor located behind the control panel. This sensor measures the air temperature in the room and compares it to the air temperature of the AC unit. If the sensor is knocked out of position, the entire system could behave chaotically or cycle constantly. If you notice any of these signs with your AC unit, then the sensor may be the culprit.

If you need a professional AC repair service in Atlanta GA, then contact no other than Marv Aire Services. We have many years of experience and numerous satisfied clients. For more details about our services and special rates, contact us at (404) 766-0231.

Frozen Air Conditioning Unit – Why Does It Happen and How Can You Fix It?

Take Immediate Action When Your AC Freezes and thus Avoid an Expensive Air Conditioning Repair Service

More often than not, AC units freeze up. Most homeowners don’t pay attention to it, or don’t notice the problem in the first place, and keep their AC running until it stops completely. At this point, the unit may have suffered from severe damage, including burst pipes, damaged electrical components, or broken fan. In order to have the system up and running again, a professional air conditioning repair service is needed.

But all this can be avoided if you simply look for signs of ice buildup inside your AC unit. Additionally, an air conditioner doesn’t freeze up for no reason. There has to be something that triggered ice to start building up around your unit’s internal components. Most of the time, is the lack of proper airflow, or a refrigerant leak. Fixing the source of the issue is imperative for avoiding future problems.

The airflow between the inside unit and the outdoor one can be obstructed by dirty filters. So, the first thing you should do when you see that your unit starts to build ice inside it is to unplug it immediately, and then check the filters. If they are dirty, damaged or clogged, consider replacing them with new ones. Once this is done, allow your unit to unfreeze naturally (avoid using any external heat sources as you may damage internal components), and then test it to see if the problem is solved.

Like we said before, refrigerant leaks are also a reason why your AC unit may freeze up. So, if replacing old filters didn’t help much, then start looking for leaking pipes. Unfortunately, a big part of the AC system is hidden between the walls of your home, and this makes it very hard to detect the location of the leak.

The solution to your problem comes with an air conditioning repair service provider who specializes in leak detection. Marv Aire Services is one of the few contractors of such type. If you reside in Atlanta GA and experience frequent AC problems, call us at (404) 766-0231 and let professional fix your issue once and for all.

Too hot, AC not working, which is the best air conditioning contractor to call

How do you know when to call in an air conditioning contractor

Enormous pressure is put upon business owners to be skilled technicians on every level, boasting experience in several different fields . After all, no one wants to turn away business, and a jack of all trades can be very desirable to customers, saving them time looking for several different places.
However, we at Marv Aire Services based in Atlanta GA strongly advise clients, calling in an air conditioning contractor, who’s only speciality is dealing with air conditioners, is a wiser move.

Technological advancements have made the air conditioning contractor specialist more important than ever. Air conditioning units can be very fragile. And if messed with by amateurs, the underlying problem can be made worst, causing the cost of repair to sky rocket. Sometimes a new unit may have to be bought.

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How to Repair a Window Air Conditioning System?

Get a Window Air Conditioning Repair Service When Your Cooling Unit is Not Working Properly!

Although there are various types of AC units, the most affordable and easy to install domestic ones, are the window air conditioners, which are a type of split unit coolers. Such ACs, however, need to be maintained on a regular basis, as they may suddenly reduce the volume of cool air they dispatch around your property.

When a window air conditioner is not functioning to its full capacity, you may need to book an air conditioning repair service. Only an expert technician can perform the unit inspection up to the standards and fix it if something is not functioning right. If you need emergency services, however, you may check your AC before your technician arrives. Today Marv Aire Services will provide you with some tips on how to do this:

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