Choosing the appropriate AC for any kind of home

An air conditioning contractor tips to AC selection

There are many things to consider when choosing new air conditioning, especially if you are moving into a new home. As you know, the AC needs some tuning and it takes time before it starts working at optimal capacity. It takes more than a touch or two from a certified air conditioning contractor.

A lot of people don’t know exactly what they need for their homes. They go to the local store and ask the assistants for advice. That’s great but the salesman does not know anything about your home. We don’t advise you to make a purchase based solely on the statistics of the AC unit. You would do better, if you call an air conditioning contractor to visit your home before going to the store.

When making your choice be sure to pay extra attention to these three:

1. Costs! You need to keep your home cool but also light on the energy bill. Our only advice is to plan carefully and do the math before making your purchase.
2. Capacity! Bigger is not always better when it comes to efficiency.
3. Previous experience! Consider the type of system or systems you’ve had so far. Are you satisfied with that performance? What do you want your new AC to be better at?

If you have previous experience with air conditioning and are getting a new one, we advise you to look for a newer model. Technology is developing at rapid rates and newer models may be more efficient and powerful at the same time. What we mean to say is: Check your options thoroughly! Investing in a new model of AC may prove to be more beneficial despite the higher price.

The most important advice we can give you however, is to call an air conditioning contractor that you can trust and let him estimate the capacity of your future AC. If you don’t know anyone who can handle that in Atlanta GA, don’t hesitate to give Marv Aire Services a call! Reach us at (404) 766-0231.