Frozen Air Conditioning Unit – Why Does It Happen and How Can You Fix It?

Take Immediate Action When Your AC Freezes and thus Avoid an Expensive Air Conditioning Repair Service

More often than not, AC units freeze up. Most homeowners don’t pay attention to it, or don’t notice the problem in the first place, and keep their AC running until it stops completely. At this point, the unit may have suffered from severe damage, including burst pipes, damaged electrical components, or broken fan. In order to have the system up and running again, a professional air conditioning repair service is needed.

But all this can be avoided if you simply look for signs of ice buildup inside your AC unit. Additionally, an air conditioner doesn’t freeze up for no reason. There has to be something that triggered ice to start building up around your unit’s internal components. Most of the time, is the lack of proper airflow, or a refrigerant leak. Fixing the source of the issue is imperative for avoiding future problems.

The airflow between the inside unit and the outdoor one can be obstructed by dirty filters. So, the first thing you should do when you see that your unit starts to build ice inside it is to unplug it immediately, and then check the filters. If they are dirty, damaged or clogged, consider replacing them with new ones. Once this is done, allow your unit to unfreeze naturally (avoid using any external heat sources as you may damage internal components), and then test it to see if the problem is solved.

Like we said before, refrigerant leaks are also a reason why your AC unit may freeze up. So, if replacing old filters didn’t help much, then start looking for leaking pipes. Unfortunately, a big part of the AC system is hidden between the walls of your home, and this makes it very hard to detect the location of the leak.

The solution to your problem comes with an air conditioning repair service provider who specializes in leak detection. Marv Aire Services is one of the few contractors of such type. If you reside in Atlanta GA and experience frequent AC problems, call us at (404) 766-0231 and let professional fix your issue once and for all.