History of the Air Conditioner

Presented by a Reputable Air Conditioning Repair Expert

An air conditioner can bring comforting coolness in the sweltering hot summer days. It hasn’t always been so, however. The reputable air conditioning repair company Marv Aire Services has prepared for you a short history lesson that will show you how air conditioning evolved throughout the years.

1758 Liquid Evaportation
Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley made an experiment which showed that the evaporation of some liquids could reduce the temperature of an object to that of below water’s freezing point.

1830 Ice Making Machine
This machine was manufactured by Dr John Gorrie and compressed ice into buckets. He used the blower of the machine to force air over the ice, thus cooling the temperature of the room

1902 The Modern Day AC
Invented by Willis H. Carrier, the modern day air conditione could effectively control the temperature and humidity of an area

1914: The First AC Installation
Charles G. Gates installed the first domestic AC in his mansion in Minneapolis. In 1917, the first air conditioner was installed in a cinema.

1931 Window AC
This was the year when the first individual AC designed to rest on a window ledge or sill was introduced by H.H. Schultz and J.Q. Sherman.

1939: Air Conditioned Cars
The first automobile that had an AC was released by the Packard Motor Company. It was an additional feature that didn’t have internal controls.

1970 Central Air
In this year were developed the central air cooling systems that consisted of coils, condensers, and fans. They were designed to draw the air over the coils and blast the cool air through the home’s ventilation system afterward. These systems used Freon 12 to operate.

1994 Freon is Banned
Because of its harmful effects, Freon is banned by the Environmental Protection Agency, which requires that a more environmentally friendly chemical be used unstead.

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