Choosing the appropriate AC for any kind of home

An air conditioning contractor tips to AC selection

There are many things to consider when choosing new air conditioning, especially if you are moving into a new home. As you know, the AC needs some tuning and it takes time before it starts working at optimal capacity. It takes more than a touch or two from a certified air conditioning contractor.

A lot of people don’t know exactly what they need for their homes. They go to the local store and ask the assistants for advice. That’s great but the salesman does not know anything about your home. We don’t advise you to make a purchase based solely on the statistics of the AC unit. You would do better, if you call an air conditioning contractor to visit your home before going to the store.

When making your choice be sure to pay extra attention to these three:

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5 reasons to get an air conditioning maintenance plan

5 reasons why you shouldn`t risk loosing your AC

There is nothing worse than having air conditioning that does not work when you need it the most. Especially in the heat of the upcoming summer. Chances are, if not maintained regularly, your AC will most likely leave you in an uncomfortable situation.

We give you the top five reasons why you should call the local air conditioning repair service and have them make you a maintenance plan:
1. First and most important – to avoid untimely breakdowns.Chances are, when your air conditioning breaks down, its not going to give you a warning sign. Why wait for it to malfunction before calling maintenance. Emergency repairs are inconvenient and costly.
2. Save money on energy bills. How is that possible? Well, when badly maintained or not maintained at all, AC filters get clogged, which leads to a decrease in the machine`s productivity. That means spending more money on bills to achieve what is possible with a clean AC on an even lower power setting.

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12 Annual AC Tune-Ups You Should Not Skip Making

How to avoid the expensive air conditioning repairs.

Maintaining your AC on a regular basis is the best thing you can do if you want to extend the life of your installation and reduce your energy costs, especially during the warm season. It will also help you avoid spending money on air conditioning repairs, as detecting an issue before it develops into a major problem always costs less to get fixed.

Here is what your AC contractor must do during those maintenance appointments in order to help you eliminate all of your future concerns:

1) Monitor the pressure of your refrigerant as well as its cooling cycle
2) Clean or replace air filters if necessary
3) Clean and adjust the blower components of your air conditioners
4) Clean the condenser coil, evaporator coil, and the condensate drain
5) Test your AC’s safety controls and starting capabilities
6) Test and correct the air flow
7) Measure the volt and amp
8) Measure the difference between supply air and return air
9) Check the thermostat calibration and tighten the electrical connections
10) Examine the equipment condition area and the AC’s installation quality
11) Lubricate all of your air conditioners moving parts
12) Apply a protective coating

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